Brad SIcat:
Registered Massage Therapist


Brad Sicat is an RMT with a certificate of 2200 hours from the college of Niwe academy. He specializes in therapeutic and relaxation techniques. 

His passion is to heal people who have gone through traumatic experiences. He helps my patients feel complete, safe, and relaxed. There are many different approaches for each individual. That's why he has gone through extensive training to acquire modalities appropriate for each treatment which include, Myofascial release, Deep tissue massage, Joint mobilizations, and many more. 

Brad makes sure to personalize a treatment plan suited for your needs. He has a strong desire to help others that is the reason why he became a massage therapist. Outside of his practice, Brad loves reading books, listening to music, and exercising. he looks forward to helping you, your family, and your friends not only to feel relief but boost your health, happiness, and prosperity.