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Chantel O'Brien:
Registered Massage Therapist


Prior to studying massage therapy, Chantel used to work a desk job. While she loved what she did, her passion has always been to be a massage therapist.  She is always that friend that people call when they need a massage. In 2019 She registered for school and has been loving it ever since! After graduation, she plans on advancing her studies in prenatal and infant massage. 

She regularly practices Silicone Cupping, Swedish/relaxation, and Deep Tissue massage. Hot stones massage has to be one of her favorite ways to massage, being able to ease muscle stiffness, relieve tension and increases circulation with the warmth of the stones, It feels great on the body. 

When she is not working or studying, she loves spending time with her family, dog Lilo, and trying to plan trips to Disney. She loves to spend time in her yard, driving out of the city in the mountains, or having a relaxing day at home.  

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