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David James:


Registered Massage Therapist, Graston Technique Specialist, Cupping Provider

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David James is a 2200 hour Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Graston Technique Specialist (GST). Prior to becoming an RMT, David completed his Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Calgary and worked in occupational rehabilitation as a Kinesiologist for nineteen years. David has been working as a massage therapist in Calgary since 2008.

David utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques customized to meet his clients’ needs, which include: Massage Therapy, Muscle Release Techniques, Graston Technique, and Silicone Cupping, as well as rehabilitative exercise and stretching prescription.

David has a wealth of experience in helping people recover from injury; he continues to seek out new types of soft tissue treatment courses to better his skills and further help his clients. David believes strongly in a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment to help clients attain their ideal health, wellness, and lifestyle balance.

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