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Lana Williams: 


Registered Massage Therapist,  and Prenatal Massage


Lana has been a practicing RMT since 2017, having graduated from MaKami College's Advanced Massage Therapy program.  She is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, having taught others in the industry, including tutoring first year students.  Lana stays current with continuing education courses to broaden her knowledge and sharpen her skills. Certifications include areas of kinetics, orthopedic massage, oncology and myofascial decompression.

She demonstrates an enthusiasm for biomechanics within her treatments, alongside key points in anatomy and physiology, treating her client's individual needs and strategizing a treatment plan going forward. Lana provides her clients with a carefully balanced plan of strengthening and stretching along with massage/alternative treatments.  Lana aims to assist her clients on the road to recovery, to increase their range of motion and help to prevent further muscular strain.

Whether you require the benefits from a deep, therapeutic treatment or simply need to unwind and relax, Lana will do her best to make it happen.

Off duty, she keeps herself busy with reading, researching, listening to podcasts while stretching and enjoying time with family nature and floral design.

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