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Neelam Sandhu:
Registered Acupunturist
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Neelam (1).jpg

Neelam Sandhu is a native Calgarian with an interest in applying Eastern healing techniques to Western lifestyle. She has a degree in philosophy from the University of Calgary and completed her acupuncture and DTCM designation at The Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Neelam has trained under Master Yi Fu from Cheng Du, China, learning the art of acupuncture for the past 10 years. Her practice is concerned with a myriad of health issues such as chronic complaints, fertility, and mental health disorders.  In her spare time, Neelam gets walked by her large dog, enjoys cooking and studying Mandarin.

Acupuncture is known to treat a wide range of disorders including neurological conditions, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory conditions, digestive system disorders, urogenital disorders, gynecological and obstetric disorders, skin conditions, eye conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, sporting injuries, psychological conditions, and more.


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