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Madeline Sonik-Henderson:
Registered Massage Therapist, Hot Stone and Prenatal Massage

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Madeline is a graduate from the Vicars School of Massage 2200-hour program and actively pursues additional professional development opportunities to learn and grow as a therapist. She is trained in hot stone massage and enjoys utilizing it with her clients.

As an avid distance runner, she found her passion for massage after discovering how beneficial it was to her recovery from running-related injuries. She continues to see the positive impact massage has on her children who are competitive athletes.

Madeline understands the importance of therapeutic touch in helping her clients overcome physical and emotional challenges through massage while contributing to their optimal health goals using a client-centered focus. Madeline firmly believes that massage can positively impact all clients by relieving pain, decreasing stress, and promoting relaxation, while helping clients be more attuned with their body. She uses a hands-on approach to manipulating the entire body to affect the nervous and circulatory systems which can lead to significant changes and improvements to the muscles, joints, and soft tissue. She focuses on treating the complete individual versus a single condition and believes that healing from within is needed to properly maintain the body.


Madeline finds fulfillment in helping others feel better and she places the utmost importance in actively listening to her clients, purposely customizing each massage, and engaging clients in contributing to and understanding their own health. She welcomes clients of all ages and demographics. 

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